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K. L. Suneja

K. L. Suneja

Managing Director

The dream that was converted to reality was envisioned by K L Suneja. A man of many skills, Mr. K. L. Suneja stumbled into the field of construction and building after having experienced success in other business models and ventures.

Starting off with humble beginnings, Mr. Suneja began with investing in the projects of other builders and construction companies. On learning about the strings of the industry, he decided to begin with his own flagship project.

Mr. K L Suneja is a self-made entity and it can be evidently seen from the way in which he has surpassed all obstacles to get the company to such a pinnacle of success. Working without a thought for the time, Mr. Suneja can be safely termed as a workaholic who eats, drinks, sleeps and breathes business.

The kind of struggle with which he has founded and established the venture clearly shows what a visionary he is and this is something that has been instrumental in the projects being such huge successes. Never has Mr. K L Suneja thought of negative prospects in any of his endeavors and his optimism towards work and achievement are remarkably positive.

All the efforts that are put forward by Mr. K L Suneja and his team are driven with the motives of providing satisfactory quality and experience to their investors as well as their associates.

Aditya Vikram Suneja

Aditya Vikram Suneja


Aditya Vikram Suneja is the young fire that burns the passions amongst the staff and the contributors of the Suneja Towers Pvt. Ltd. Team. After having acquired a B.Tech. degree in civil engineering, Aditya took up the reigns of the business and plunged right on the side that would help him build a stronger group.

It was because of the vision and the efforts of Aditya Vikram Suneja that the people of the group got more charged and encouraged to give their best to a company that works on the principles of excellence. With the motto of providing the best work environment for the best workers in the arena, Aditya Suneja has instantly hit the right chords with the business in general.

Always ready and roaring to experiment and try out new initiatives and ideas, Aditya Vikram Suneja comes across as an enthusiastic and passionate manager of the business. He is instrumental in bringing in the young energy and talent to the venture that survives on constant updation.

You can clearly see a dream in his eyes when he is at work and this is something that further ignites the passion for work amongst all those who work with him.